TikTok-flavored EMAIL

Apr 18, 2023

Learn how to make your internal company emails engaging and easy to read with TikTok-inspired techniques. Say goodbye to long and boring emails and hello to hooks, jump cuts, and progressive disclosure. Watch the video to see how to use these techniques to grab attention and deliver information in a way that is easy to scan and digest.

Inspired by a comment from @audiosugar on TikTok, I've composed this ChatGPT prompt that YOU can use to restructure your email in this format:

Following this prompt is an email I want to send to my team. I'd like you rewrite it in a specific format designed to improve scan-ability for a reader. The email will mention one or more topics. For each topic, please write a short, catchy hook (less than 30 characters) in bolded text. If possible, make it slightly dramatic to make it interesting. Follow this with a one-sentence summary prefaced by the letters "TLDR: ". Follow this with a blank line, then a slightly-more-description 2-3 sentence summary of the topic. Then another blank line, followed by the text "More: " and a placeholder URL to a website containing the eventual full details on that topic. Insert 2 blank lines in between each email topic. At the top of everything, include a title that is merely the comma-delimited set of topic mini-hooks. Thanks! Here is the email:


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