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Executive Summary

I help technical software execs and entrepreneurs navigate the product, people, and process challenges in their organizations. By default, we meet every 2 weeks in 90-minute Zoom sessions.

Who I Coach

I've aided Directors, VPs of Engineering, and CTOs from tech companies ranging in size from startups with a few dozen teammates to global giants with hundreds of thousands of employees.

If you're in software engineering leadership and you need someone in your corner, I can help.

Sound like you? Apply here. If it's a good fit, we'll get started right away.

What We Discuss

In every session, we'll start with what's top of mind for you. With over 2 decades of experience running engineering teams from 2 to 300 in size, it's very likely I've seen a similar situation.

Topics I frequently encounter:

  • establishing team principles and norms
  • communicating effectively at scale (with customers, partners, investors, execs, and the dev team)
  • recruiting dev talent
  • structuring the team
  • streamlining dev process
  • managing personal calendar time
  • coordinating with Product Management and Design; roadmapping, estimating, delivering
  • navigating financial turbulence (and layoffs)
  • driving continuous innovation
  • managing internal people conflict
  • delivering constructive feedback

No topic is off-limits.


"Brian has been absolutely necessary for our team to improve and scale. Brian's mastery of this content has shaped us to be more agile and focused. We're finally running on all cylinders!"
- Joe LaChance, Bold Metrics (VP Eng)

"Brian was an outstanding mentor for me. He coached me through challenges ranging from people & project management to tech & product roadmapping, and gave me leadership principles that I still use to this day. Brian is a great resource regardless of your industry, stage/size of company, or years of experience."
- Aaron Levin, fiveable. (Head of Engineering)

"Brian has been an indispensable resource for us as we've scaled our engineering team and grown into the company we are today. What makes Brian so unique and different is his approach - rather than focusing on specific rules or practices, Brian really took the time to learn and understand our organization and adapt his decades of knowledge specifically to us. With a focus on empathy, and a keen eye for operational efficiency, Brian has helped us navigate the choppy waters of startupland and come out more organized, confident, and excited than I could have ever imagined. While I have appreciation for coaches and mentors, what Brian does is different - he's truly become part of the team, and in our corner in a way that I think honestly makes him one in a million."
- Morgan Linton, Bold Metrics. (Founder + CTO)

"I wish I'd found you 10 years ago."
- A.R. (CTO)

My Approach

Here's the more detailed view of my approach to leadership coaching. There are 5 steps:

1. Connect.

We meet and greet with a free hour-long session, and set a foundation by discussing backstory and the current environment/situation in depth. If you're interested in moving forward...

2. Set goals.

We establish short- and long-term goals. We will revisit these goals frequently.

3. Gather context.

It commonly helps me to understand behaviors and team and process and environment via brief discussions with a handful of your colleagues. This is an optional step.

4. Engage frequently.

We will connect for 90-minute Zoom sessions every 2 weeks. In these working sessions, we'll go deep on the leadership and management challenges you're encountering in your day-to-day, and I'll offer practical guidance that you can apply immediately.

In the absence of any top-of-mind challenges, we'll dig deep into your key engineering leadership responsibilities and explore the practices you've established to tackle them.

I'll also create a shared, mutually-editable Google doc containing the running notes of our sessions and links to our most recent session recording videos. The notes and the recordings are optional; if you'd prefer to not capture this information for privacy reasons, no problem at all.

5. Check in quarterly.

We will periodically look at the macro view and course-correct, as necessary: where we started, where we're headed, and where we're at.


How much does this coaching investment cost?
I'll invoice you (or your company, if they'll be supporting your investment in coaching) for $1500 (USD) on the first of each month. It's month-to-month (no contract), so you can cancel any time.

Do you have any other options?
If the fee for biweekly sessions is more than you'd like to pursue or you'd like to meet on a less-frequent basis, I also offer the option to meet monthly for $750 (USD) per month.

I'm pretty flexible, so if there's another coaching cadence that works better for you (weekly? quarterly?), ping me and I will certainly consider it.

How do I know if coaching is for me?
Let's talk about it! I'm happy to connect for that first hour-long chat and see if I can help give some ideas for your next steps. Just let me know and we can schedule a time to speak virtually.

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