Product Responsibilities

Influence decisions on technology, architecture, patterns, and design, all en route to shipping software.

Responsibility 1

Deliver software.

1 The 3.5 Things to Consider When Picking Technologies | Engineering Leadership


If you're a software engineering leader, you're gonna have to make technology choices.

2 To Be a Great Engineering Manager, Be Boring


To be a great software engineering manager and leader, you should strive to build a BORING organization, one that never requires heroism.

3 ACCELERATE Your Dev Team With This One EASY Practice


Engineering Managers have a responsibility to DELIVER SOFTWARE.

Responsibility 2

Balance features and fixes.

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Wondering what are the best metrics to track for your engineering team?

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You know that long list of bugs that you never seem to get to?

3 The Secret to Constant Dev Team Innovation | Engineering Leadership


As a company matures, it can be tough to balance building new features and maintaining the product capabilities you've already built.

Responsibility 3

Inspire engineers to build the product.

1 Break This Habit When Communicating Software Architecture | Engineering Leadership


Don't try to blow me away with your technical architecture.

2 Using Guilds in a Software Engineering Org


My team used the concept of Guilds to share best practices, discuss new technologies, and establish standards.

Responsibility 4

Inspire users to champion the product.

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Building a software product?