People Responsibilities

Build and foster the team you'll depend on.

Responsibility 1

Attract, retain, and grow talent.

1 College Degree for Software Developers? | Engineering Management


After interviewing hundreds of software engineers over the last 2 decades, I've determined that lived experience far outweighs the value of any university degree.

2 Build an Engineering Career Ladder? | Engineering Management


Establishing a documented career ladder for the software developers on your team is one of most important things you'll do as an engineering leader.

3 How to Run Great 1-on-1s | Engineering Management


If you're an Engineering Manager, running frequent, meaningful is arguably the most important thing you can do.

4 Software Engineer Today, Priest Tomorrow? | Engineering Management


I once had a veteran software engineer who knew that, ultimately, he wanted to join the clergy.

5 VENTING FRUSTRATIONS in your 1-on-1s? | Engineering Management


As an Engineering Manager, your 1-on-1s are your MOST important meetings.

6 Hiring Rock Stars and Ninjas? | Engineering Management


This is a just a quick Public Service Announcement for those of you who are hiring "rock stars" and "ninjas".

7 One Simple Tip to Attract Software Developers | Engineering Leadership


If you're an engineering manager, you'll have to write a job description to attract software engineers to your team.

8 Fun Events for Software Engineers | Engineering Leadership


We can do a lot better than a group trip to a bar.

9 Direct Report CONSTANTLY Interrupting? | Delivering Feedback as a Manager


How do you handle a direct report who interrupts you frequently?

10 Long Live the Feedback Sandwich | Interrupting Direct Report Followup


Delivering feedback in a positive - constructive - positive format is dead?

11 Interview Tips | The Best End-of-Interview Question


Unsure how to end an interview with a candidate?

12 Interview Tips | One Great Question for Senior Management Hires


Are you unsure how to interview a manager or someone at an executive level?

13 Praise in Public, Criticize in Private | Engineering Management


If you're an engineering manager, you're responsible for guiding the careers of others.

14 Steal these Awards to Build a Great Team Culture | Engineering Leadership


These quarterly awards -- and our approach to running them -- were representative of our incredible organizational culture.

15 Attracting Talent as a Dev Manager


Here are 4 ways for dev managers to attract talent themselves.

16 How to Land Exceptional Candidates


You want to land a dev candidate who's in high demand.

Responsibility 2

Structure and organize the team.

1 When Should You Split Your Dev Team? | Engineering Leadership


Over time, your software engineering team will grow.

2 Best Size for a Dev Team? | Engineering Management


I'm a huge fan of small, tightly-knit powerhouse teams that are structured this way.

3 Should an engineering manager still write code?


This is an age-old question bordering on the religious.

4 Best Way to Structure Your Dev Team? | Introducing DEPOT


I've long been a firm believer that the best products are built by combining Design, Engineering, and Product Management together into one cohesive organization.

5 Engineering Leader: CTO or VP Engineering?


At the top of a software engineering organization, you'll find the CTO and the VP Engineering roles.

6 What you should expect from a Product Manager


In my experience, the role of a Product Manager is a critical one when building great software; a good PM will work in tandem with Engineering and Design to act primarily as the "voice of the customer".

Responsibility 3

Motivate and inspire the team.

1 Improve Morale on Your Dev Team | Engineering Leadership


When you're a software engineer, you hear bad news all the time (alerts, bug reports, disappointed internal teams).

2 Don't just motivate. INSPIRE. | Engineering Leadership


It's easy to confuse motivation and inspiration.

3 Tell someone today... | Engineering Leadership


Everyone likes to feel appreciated now and again.

4 Hack Night


Get comfortable, get caffeinated, get creative, and get cracking.